Well, hello.
Isn’t this just a right old empty-like page.

As you can see, I, Gail Bennie, am busy working with lovely people’s words and not devoting time to my Divi/Wordpress/web design learning journey. I’m not complaining. But I would like to explain…

My clients’ projects are my priority. And a healthy work-life balance is equally important.
If I’m not getting enough quality downtime to regenerate, the creative and the careful bits of my brain go splat.

So if you need help with your writing project I’d love to hear from you. My website can wait another day, week, month…

My services include some of my favourite things:

Proofreading – Check and Correct
Your words, my eagle eyes. I feel like I was born to spot and correct mistakes, the more the merrier, truly.

Editing & Copy Editing – Make it better
Your words, my check & correct beast unleashed and a keen lemme at your words to revise and improve your writing.

Copywriting & Content Creation
My words, but your words really, in your ‘voice’. Let’s communicate your message clearly, encourage your clients to take action, and I’ll make sure the process is as easy as can be.

Ideas for Names – Business, Domain, Tagline, Product or Service
I saved the best till last. I love this one. Let’s make it a great name. Because words matter and so does your business.

Packages and Retainers – Mix and Match
I do like a whole lot of variety, so if your business could benefit from a service combo, let’s bundle them all up or book in for a batch of blog posts and… too many Bs, right?
Get in touch to find out more, I promise to stop doing the B thing.

Whateverthing words you and your business need, I’m your friendly writing helper.

Contact me to find out whether we’re a good fit or check out my personal stuff here.