Hello, I’m Gail.

I love words and writing.
And I’m a bit of a hermit dog-lady.

Which is what led me to helping other people with their writing projects; working from home, freelance freedom, hanging out with dogs..

By doing this I avoid people, crowds, offices, top heavy management layers, corporate jargon, rules, getting dressed, and can take a siesta whenever I need one.

I can also do all the fun stuff that I love, more about that later… (work-life balance)

My messy website excuse is:
Doing all these things I love leaves little time for the thing-I-want-to-do-one-day, which is to build my own website, understand all the ins and outs of Divi and WordPress and also I’m a control freaking DIY enthusiast, which makes me want to make this whole thing mine all mine.
But that’s a good thing. Isn’t it?

Because you want to find a copywriter, proofreader, wordsmithering wordy wordful person to help you with your writing project, and I can make the time. Why would a writer need a fancy website anyway, it’s the writing that matters, right.

The other good news is that the money I save means I don’t pass my costs on to my clients. Keep it simple. Simple is good.

And then there’s this other thing I do…

I like to think of it as my superpower, this thing that used to really annoy my mum when I was a teenager.
I pick up other people’s tone of voice, inflection, mannerisms etc. and I begin to talk like them while we’re hanging out. Or talking on the phone, or sometimes just when I’m thinking about them.

I don’t do it deliberately, it’s just my way of connecting I guess…
Thing is I do it with writing too.

So if I’m editing your work I’m totally immersed in your ‘voice’ and not messing up your style.
If I’m writing for you – send me a load of your writing or we’ll have a good old chinwag on Skype, I’ll usually be able to pick up your tone and write the way you would (if you were good at or liked or had time to do writing).
Clever huh.

Want me to try and write like you? Contact me.

Want to check out what I do when I’m not working/sleeping?
Come meet me and my friends on Instagram.

Whatever you do, don’t look at my Facebook page.
It’s another thing at the very bottom of my priorities list. And currently has a very pink-faced profile shot. Dreadful, I know. I didn’t get the vain gene.
I’m not even giving you the link to it. The only worthy bits on it right now are the reviews from lovely clients. So I’ve pasted them here.

Oh and one last thing about me.

I live in Jersey. The original one, not the new one. So not UK and not France but something in between.
I’m happy to work with anyone nice wherever they’re from or living, so not sure that’s important, but it’s an about me page so I figured you should know at least one thing about me.

Want to find out whether we’re a good fit to work together? Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.