Why would you want to work with me?

If you want words that work for your business (all by themselves!) you’ll want to work with me.

If you appreciate personal friendly service and honest advice from a person you can trust. That’s me.

I have a nice little band of clients and enough work to keep me in dog food (for the dog, don’t be scared) and wine at the moment, but I can always make space for an interesting new project, especially if it’s for a person who fits my dream client specifications.

And if you’re my dream client, then it stands to reason that I’m your dream writer/editor/proofreader person too.

Would we be good together?

Do you have a business that you care about?
Do you want to attract clients or customers that you care about?
Is your project doing something to benefit others, be they human, animal, insect or as big as the planet others?
Do you know what you want to achieve and have a clear vision on how to do it?
And you need help with the writing, I guess, or you wouldn’t be here.

If you answered 5 times yes, I’m pretty sure we’ll work well together.

I’m forming a more in-depth questionnaire to identify my dream client(s) and will add it to this page as soon as it’s available online*.

In the meantime, if you want to find out whether we’re a good fit… contact me.

Here’s what a few of my lovely clients wrote about me.
Please note: their writing, unedited, not my clangers 😉

“Gail is 5stars, work is well thought out and will be using her services from now and in the future. Thanks Gail its been a pleasure to work with you on all our products.”
Ashley Scott, GobiCool.

“Gail started out as proofreader for our project ‘I Love the Seaside – the surf & travel guide to southwest Europe’, then ended up as a co-writer, idea machine, suggestion shooter, midnight stand-by trouble shooter, and much more than that: a very good friend. If we didn’t need her so badly these past months, I would have recommended her sooner :-)”
Alexandra Gossink, I Love the Seaside.

“Thanks to Gail our website has an incredible professional feeling. Her copywriting is perfectly aimed at the target audience. When you read the texts on algarve-cycling-holidays dot com you will feel an instant need to come cycle in the Algarve :). Her copy reads naturally and convinces readers like a breeze. Definitely consider her services as she will turn every kind of communication in a professional work of art.”
Jerom Pannier/Koen Hooftman, Algarve Cycling Holidays

“Gail is always helpful and thorough. She has proofed copy on my website and saved me from public grammar shame many a times. Thank you, Gail.”
Tara Thompson, Digital Marketing Consultant.

Want me to be your idea machine, standby trouble-shooter and eagle-eyed writing helper?
Contact me and tell me about your project, I’d love to hear from you.

*The questionnaire. It might take me a while, but if you’re desperate to fill it out, feel free to email me and tell me to get a move on.
If I know someone’s waiting for it I’ll do less yoga/surfing/rescuing dogs/snoozing/reading/staring at the sea/playing on Instagram (I have to stop here but this list could grow legs and run a marathon) and more organising my questionnaire.

However, I’m hoping that if you’re my dream client something will have clicked already and we’re on our way to being the perfect team.